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Computer Hardware and Networking Engineer

Course Code : CHNE

Duration : 1 Year
Fees : 16800/-
Eligibilty : HSC (Any Sream) + Computer Basic
Prgramme Overview | Syllabus | Related Information | Study Centre | Admission |
Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer (CHNE)
Advance Certificate In Computer Application And Programming (ACCAP)
Certificate In Computer Application & Programming (CCP)
Certificate In Computer Operating (CCO)
Certificate In Desktop Publishing (CDTP)
Certificate In Computer Financial Accounting (CCFA)
Certificate In Office Management (COM)
Certificate In E-Learning (CEL)
Certificate In Vb.Net (CVBN)
Certificate In Vb-Oracle Or VB-SQL (CVBO or CVBS)
Certificate In Visual Basic (CVB)
Certificate In Java Programming (CJP)
Certificate In ASP.NET (CABP)
Certificate In PHP (CPHP)
Certificate In E-Commerce / Mobile Commerce (CHWM / CMCOM)
Certificate In Compuerfunda For Kids (CCFK)
Certificate Course On Computer Aided Design (2D & 3D) CCAD
Certificate In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (CSEO)

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